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Poly-cellulose Wipes- Sterile

Ergoclean V1 wipes are made of superior quality, nonwoven hydro-entangled material which has high absorbency and good material structure. As a result of these properties, these wipes are well suited for general cleaning tasks, disinfection, removal of spillages and other wiping applications.

  • Suited for general cleaning tasks
  • Polyester cellulose nonwoven
  • Highly absorbent material
  • Cost-effective
  • Compiled with food grade material
  • CATEGORY: Wipes


Item Name Ergoclean V1 Cleanroom Wipes
Application / Usage Recommended for various applications such as cleaning, disinfection, liquid absorption in lower classified cleanrooms and on non-critical surface
Material 45 % Polyester / 55 % Cellulose
Material weight | Material thickness 56 g/m² (± 5 g/m²) | 0.25 mm
Fiber size 20 µm (ø)
Color White
Edges Laser Cut
Tensile Strength | Abrasion Resistance 8.50 MPa (ø) | not defined
Conductivity Not electrostatically conductive
Shelf life 3 years
Re-use Disposable wipe (for single use in cleanrooms)
Packaging concept Clean room bag with easy cut mark, triple packed as per cleanroom requirement
Product labeling OLabel containing product information, expiry date and batch number located on cartons and inner bags
Storage Clean & Dry Place with temp range between 5 – 40 °C
Country of origin People’s Republic of China