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Multi layered Polyester Wipes- Sterile

Ergoclean V7 wipes are made of dual-layered robust polyester knit with a special bonding. These premium cleanroom wipes have high absorption capacity which is suitable for routine disinfection & removal of spillages. These wipes are abrasion resistant and durable on rougher surfaces or stainless steel.

  • Double knit 2-ply bonded polyester
  • Offers high absorption capacity
  • Completely decontaminated
  • Low particle emission, Suitable for rough surfaces, machines, equipment
  • Complied with food grade material
  • CATEGORY: Wipes


Item Name Ergoclean V7 Cleanroom Wipes
Application / Usage Recommended for cleaning and disinfection of critical surfaces in GMP and ISO cleanrooms
Material 100 % Polyester double knit 2-ply
Material weight | Material thickness 270 g/m² (± 12 g/m²) | 0.87 mm
Fiber size 16 µm (ø)
Color White
Edges Automated laser (LA)
Tensile Strength | Abrasion Resistance 9.96 MPa (ø) | 500 movements (12 KPa)
Conductivity Not electrostatically conductive
Sterility Gamma-irradiated, SAL 10-6, validated according to ISO 11137
Shelf life 2 years
Re-use Disposable wipe (for single use in cleanrooms)
Packaging concept Clean room bag with easy cut mark, triple packed as per cleanroom requirement
Product labeling A label containing product information, expiry date and batch number located on cartons and inner bags
Storage Clean & Dry Place with temp range between 5 – 40 °C
Country of origin People’s Republic of China