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The combination of a PE bag with Tyvek® material enables the product to be sterilised using water vapour through the surface of the packaging material. As a rule, the front is manufactured from Tyvek® and the rear from HDPE; however, full Tyvek® packaging material is also possible, as is the integration of a Tyvek® window. Our so called “SteriBags” are therefore perfectly made for steam sterilization.

  • Plastic and rubber bungs can be sterilised using water vapour in the bag, without its subsequently having to be re-opened. The seals can be used directly.
  • By changing colour, a printed-on sterility indicator on the SteriBags confirms that water vapour sterilisation has taken place.
  • Material:
    Tyvek® of Du Pont
  • Products:
    Plastic and rubber bungs
    injection-moulded plastic parts
    seals etc.
  • CATEGORY: Sterilization Packaging