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Active pharmaceutical substances, in particular, are still filled into and stored in expensive aluminium cans, involving considerable logistical effort. Specifically, cleaning the cans after use, transportation and storage of the empty cans cause significant costs. Therefore B+K developed clean room produced PE bags and aluminium compound bags as liners to avoid contamination of the external containers.

  • Our three-fold packaging will facilitate transfer and offers major cost advantages due to the fact that it is disposable.
  • Cross-contaminations are ruled out thanks to the non-returnable principle.
  • Purity – Safety – Economy: 3-in-1
  • Material:
    Laminated aluminium bags (liner)
    PE bags (flat or with side gussets) manufactured from 100 % LDPE medical grade
    PE bottle shaped bag manufactured from 100 % LDPE medical grade
    EP, USP and FDA approval
    A DMF is stored with the FDA.
  • The bags are mainly developed for gamma-irradiation of products.
  • Make: Bischof + Klein
  • CATEGORY: Sterilization Packaging