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Curtain Cleaner

  • A simple design that allows the operator to clean vinyl strip curtains, both sides at the same time, in cleanrooms and support areas.
  • The Econo CurtainCleaner grips the curtain at its uppermost connection, and slides down to apply, or squeegee the cleaning agent on both sides of the curtain. With a selection of covers
  • The Econo CurtainCleaner can cope with many cleaning challenges from critical and sterile environments to cleanroom support and industrial applications.
  • The electropolished stainless steel adapter connects to any of the SSU series handles.
  • Covers are available in NovaPoly, PolySorb, Microfiber and PolyMesh material with urethane foam interiors.
  • All covers can be laundered and re-used and will hold up to alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilization. Covers are available Gamma Irradiated
  • Make: Micronova
  • CATEGORY: Cleaning & Moping


Workingdimension (LxWxH) 57 x 56 x 49 cm
Dimension (LxWxH) 57 x 56 x 49 cm
Basic components “Basic module mini
Stainless steel suitable for cleanrooms, high-end-finish
Special castors (100 mm) can be autoclaved”
Work sector “MopFloat GMP with set of dosing ring 250 ml
25-litred stainless steel container for detergents and disinfectants”
Supply Stainless steel container MopTen