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Clino UnoSicuro S PW

  • Up to 15 square meters wiping performance.
  • For use on all usual cleanroom and pharmaceutical floorings
  • For all technical, nonsterile GMP-areas
  • Perfect for roof and wall cleaning
  • Preparation in German cleanroom laundry
  • Water saving for a high square meter performance
  • Suitable to all Clino mop frames
  • Reuse out of the cleanroom
  • Structured surface
  • CATEGORY: Cleaning & Moping


Soil Types All standard cleanroom and pharmaceutical floors
Working material 100 % polyester
Mop Fittings Backfilling
With polyester pocket
Mop weight 58 g
Mop Dimensions 40 cm
Packaging 5 pieces double layer wrapped
Packaging unit  – 1 PU: 5 pieces, 10PU/carton