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Clino® CR mini MF-GMP

For highly sensitive areas, minimal space requirements.

  • Cleaning method: Results can be validated through innovative MopFloat method
  • Highest efficiency and process reliability in the single-step process
  • With only one impregnation process easy and safe to handle
  • Contact-free handling without any effort
  • Precise dosing process with only about 1 % deviation
  • Made of stainless steel suitable for cleanrooms, all components can be autoclaved
  • CATEGORY: Cleaning & Moping


Workingdimension (LxWxH) 57 x 56 x 49 cm
Dimension (LxWxH) 57 x 56 x 49 cm
Basic components “Basic module mini
Stainless steel suitable for cleanrooms, high-end-finish
Special castors (100 mm) can be autoclaved”
Work sector “MopFloat GMP with set of dosing ring 250 ml
25-litred stainless steel container for detergents and disinfectants”
Supply Stainless steel container MopTen